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Dried Chopped Taro Leaves

Dried Taro leaves are currently in demand on the international market as a substitute or replacement for tobacco. Made from Taro Leaves and dried naturally with sunshine to create the natural’s products. The low nicotine content of taro leaves is the main attraction for its consumer.

The types of taro used for this purpose is Talas Beneng, which has edible roots, which has thicker leaves The production processes for taro leaves is similar to those for tobacco leaves. However, the picked taro leaf must be left alone for two days to remove its sap.

Dried Taro Leaves with Zero nicotine is a new product as substitute for Tobacco in cigarettes (Tobacco Alternatives). Beside zero nicotine contains, dried chopped taro leaves also rich of High antioxidants, Anti-cancer, Overcoming cholesterol, etc make it good for herbal tea.
We can also use them for Compost and Fertilizer

Product Specification

Color                 : Gold and Brown
Moisture           : Max 12%
Size                    : 0.5 – 0.8 mm
Packaging        : Inner Plastic + Inner Box
Net Weight       : 25 Kg

Taro Leaves
Fresh taro

Fresh Taro

Taro is primarily grown for its edible tubers, which are an important source of carbohydrates. However, this tuber contains an itchy sap, which varies in sharpness according to the type, so it must be cooked before it can be consumed.

Taro is also commonly used in a mixture of food or drinks with a soft taste. Taro is also a healthy food choice for you and your family.

Product Specification

Style : Fresh

Weight : 200gr up /taro

MOQ : 3 MT

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