Taro Tuber

The Taro Tuber used is of giant taro type Xanthosoma undipes K.Kock. In Indonesia, it is called taro beneng, which means big and yellow. Planted anywhere in the field or among large trees with 60% shaded light. Harvest taro tuber at the age of 8 to 12 months. The average yield per tree is 10 […]

Taro Powder

Talas Beneng (Xanthosoma undipes K.Kock) has a high economic value because almost all part of this plant can be put to use. For example, tubers as food ingredients, stem as animal feed ingredients, and leaves with zero nicotine content as raw material for herbal cigarettes. Talas Beneng has a height of more than 2 meters and […]

Dried Chopped Taro Leaves

Taro plants grow a lot in Indonesia. The roots and leaves are very useful for humans. Here we discuss specifically for Dried Chopped Taro Leaves. The leaves of the taro plant can be harvested after the plant is 3 to 4 months old. Dried Chopped Taro Leaves – HS Code 2401.20.90Description: Dried Chopped Taro Leaves […]