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We are a leading taro supplier from East Java, Indonesia. We grow with the hundreds of farmers we empower. Our company is engaged in producing taro products with high quality materials. We process more than hundreds of hectares of taro land spread throughout East Java, Indonesia

Taro Indonesia is engaged in manufacturing by producing and processing taro into various products like dried chopped taro leaves and taro roots. Until we develop and expand our business by expanding taro cultivation and empowering taro farmers.

Our company has served many customers around the world and it is our top priority to meet the expectations and satisfy our customers.

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Commitment is essential if we are to always offer the best to our customers. Our opportunity to serve is seen as a privilege not to be taken lightly.


Integrity means telling the truth, keeping our word, and treating others with fairness and respect. Integrity is one of our most cherished assets.


Consult your needs to us. We will always be willing to help you meet the needs of reliable products for you. We will be available as soon as possible.


Guaranteed quality with a good quality control process to get good results continuously. We always control to every detail of our products to make our customers satisfied.

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We are willing to provide free samples for every new customer who comes to us. Contact our team to get this service for new customers.

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Fast and precise delivery worldwide. Shipping can be done by land, sea or air. We will also find more affordable shipping rates for all customers.

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Build & Design
Dried Chopped Taro Leaves

Dried Taro Leaves with Zero nicotine is a new product as substitute for Tobacco in cigarettes (Tobacco Alternatives). Made from Taro Leaves and dried naturally with sunshine to create the natural’s products.

Beside zero nicotine contains, dried chopped taro leaves also rich of High antioxidants, Anti-cancer, Overcoming cholesterol, etc make it good for herbal tea.

Dried Taro Leaves
Build & Design
Fresh Taro

Taro is primarily grown for its edible tubers, which are an important source of carbohydrates. However, this tuber contains an itchy sap, which varies in sharpness according to the type, so it must be cooked before it can be consumed.

So, this taro can be a healthy consumption that you can get right now.

Fresh taro
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Finance and Investment

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